My Days of Mercy

My Days of Mercy

Queer Screen is thrilled to announce My Days of Mercy, fresh from Toronto International Film Festival, as a late announce for the 25th Mardi Gras Film Festival. With rave reviews and a career best performance from Ellen Page, this is a festival highlight not to be missed!


Lucy (Ellen Page) and Mercy (Kate Mara) are on opposite spectrums of the death row debate, each with a deeply personal stake. During a protest demonstration, Lucy spots Mercy, and their chemistry is undeniable. 


Lucy and Mercy could be bitter enemies, yet they share a compelling connection. Their relationship grows from hostility to curiosity to intense, physical passion. But eventually Lucy must confess her reasons for getting involved in the cause: her own father was convicted of murder and now waits on death row.


Can Lucy and Mercy overcome their intense differences, or will these differences consume them?



Page gives one of her best performances in a tailor-made role - Variety


...the interplay between the two is enagaging and rife with an erotic undercurrent - The Hollywood Reporter


a very powerful, emotional and universal story - Vanity Fair





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Unclassified 18+
Runtime: 103 mins
Year: 2017
Director: Tali Shalom Ezer
Producer: Ellen Page, Kate Mara, Christine Vachon, David Hinojosa
Country: USA
Language: English
Cast: Ellen Page, Kate Mara, Amy Seimetz, Elias Koteas
Company Credits: World Sales: Great Point Media
Genre: Drama
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