Body Electric

Body Electric
Body Electric

Body Electric takes an intimate look at the lives of a racially and sexually diverse group of friends in Brazil, focussing on Elias, a young factory manager who refuses to limit his interactions at work with those on his pay level.


Inviting himself to post-work drinks means joining a gorgeous cast of characters as they take to the streets of modern day Sao Paulo with relish, crashing through doors with abandon to declare their arrival. From tantalising word-of-mouth scenarios to passionate flirtations, this is a slice of life that pulses with the carefree energy of youth, and shows a glimpse of the provocative and sensual adventures of an unpretentious gay man who sees the world through an impartial lens.


Body Electric is a satisfying, warmhearted film whose understated charms leave a pleasant glow - Variety


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Unclassified R18+
Runtime: 93 mins
Year: 2017
Director: Marcelo Caetano
Producer: Beto Tibiriçá, Marcelo Caetano, Anna Muylaert, Ivan Melo
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese with English subtitles
Cast: Kelner Macedo, Lucas Andrade, Welket Bungué, Ronaldo Serruya, Ana Flavia Cavalcanti, Henrique Zanoni, Marcia Pantera, Linn da Quebrada
Company Credits: World Sales: M-Appeal
Genre: Drama
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