4 Days in France

4 Days in France
4 Days in France

Imbued with a melancholy mood, Pierre (Pascal Cervo) leaves his home and his partner for the French countryside. While it’s unclear where he is headed and what his intentions are, his sole guides are Grindr and notes scribbled on toilet walls.

Beyond his sexual encounters, this poetic road movie explores the conversations and nonverbal dynamics that take place between strangers. With his confused boyfriend beginning to track him, 4 Days in France offers two parallel road trips. Told through visually stunning shots of the French countryside, Pierre’s erotic journey through France, on one hand, explores how different gay men navigate anonymous rural encounters, and on the other, a character study on letting fate guide you. 


4 Days in France, a treat for the eye - LA Times


A sly, sexy and strangely disarming cruise along the queerer backroads of rural France that marks an intriguing debut for writer-director Jérôme Reybaud - Variety


Finally a film about a classical music-listening, Rimbaud-reading, sweater-wearing gay man addicted to Grindr - Slant Magazine 

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Unclassified 18+
Runtime: 141 mins
Year: 2016
Director: Jérôme Reybaud
Producer: Frédéric André, Elisabeth Perez
Country: France
Language: French with English subtitles
Cast: Pascal Cervo, Arthur Igual, Fabienne Babe, Nathalie Richard, Laetitia Dosch, Liliane Montevecchi
Genre: Drama
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