A Winter's Color
A Winter's Color

Transport yourself to Argentina with this fresh, new lesbian coming-of-age film which will soon be making the rounds of LGBTIQ film festivals.

Lucía's story is an accurate portrayal of how it feels to be young and queer in a straight world. In the midst of treatment for her panic attacks, she is faced with the new challenge of addressing her feelings for her new friend Olivia. On top of that, how will her family and boy-obsessed, straight girlfriends take the news? With two artistic lead characters (an aspiring filmmaker and a painter) their conversations and adventures are fresh, young, and elegant.

This is a quiet and meditative film that captures the age and essence of it's stunning leads. Unafraid to show every moment of awkwardness involved in a first love affair, A Winter's Color is also a film preoccupied with beauty. A coming out story that honestly explores the difficult process of being honest with oneself – before you tell anybody else. Struggle is at the heart of Lucía's emotional journey, which culminates in her big moment of coming out, and finally finding a way to happiness.

A dreamy and heartwarming love story that will sweep you up in the extreme emotions that go with becoming a 20-something.

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"An intimate portrait... above all, a sincere story." – Notas Argentino


Screens with short film: Take Your Partners

Screens with: Take Your Partners
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Classification: Over 15
Runtime: 64 mins
Year: 2016
Director: Cecilia Valenzuela Gioia
Producer: Leonardo Pérez
Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish with English subtitles
Cast: Cecilia Valenzuela Gioia, Mercedes Burgos, Gonzalo Romero
Company Credits: Production Company: Makúa Cinema
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