A Womb of Their Own

A Womb of Their Own
A Womb of Their Own

A Womb of Their Own is a fascinating documentary following the journey of six diverse masculine-identifying males as they embark on the journey of pregnancy. Offering a glimpse at the various stages of pregnancy, childbirth, chestfeeding and rearing children in gender neutral environments, their stories are told with candor and endearing honesty.


The documentary offers a range of experiences, including that of AK Summers, author of comic Pregnant Butch: 9 Months in Drag. Director Cyn Lubow delves into the changing perceptions and challenges to their identity by mainstream society and the LGBTIQ community with sensitivity, and offers an informative and insightful film celebrating their strength and resilience.


Overall, what makes this work is its focus on individuals finding their own way of doing things no matter what wider society thinks - EyeForFilm

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Unclassified 15+
Runtime: 85 mins
Year: 2017
Director: Cyn Lubow
Producer: Istvan Jonyer
Country: USA
Language: English
Company Credits: Production Company: Serious Play Films
Genre: Documentary
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