Afternoon Delight: Grandma

Afternoon Delight: Grandma

Afternoon Delight - A free movie matinee and social event for LGBTI seniors and friends. Join us for screenings of Grandma, with short films Curmudgeons, A Lifetime of Making Change, Red Flags, and Where We Are Now. Screenings are followed by an afternoon tea, networking and access to community health information. 

A rare foray into low budget cinema from acclaimed director Paul Weitz of American Pie and About a Boy fame, Grandma is a heartfelt and breezy family comedy which packs no small amount of emotional heat.

Freshly broken up with her girlfriend, and still reeling from the death of her longtime partner, Elle Reid is a bitter and short-tempered poet. When Elle's granddaughter shows up at her door, asking for $400 to pay for an abortion, the two embark on a journey all over Los Angeles to get the money. As the two share knowledge about their experiences of womanhood, it becomes clear this is no conventional roadtrip movie.

Gay icon Lily Tomlin brings warmth, humour, and grace to the role of Elle. She is joined by a diverse and immensely talented cast, featuring Marcia Gay Harden, Laverne Cox, and Sam Elliott.

Grandma tells a story about three generations of women and how they interact with each other, and does so playfully and poignantly, taking that classic image of a long journey in a vintage Dodge and making it new once more.

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"Lily Tomlin has never been better." – Rolling Stone

"Acerbically funny… Lily Tomlin giving a career-capping performance." – The New York Times

Cost: Free or gold coin donation

Booking essential at all 6 locations - select a venue below to get information for each centre.

Sunday 12 March, 2pm – 5.30pm, Event Cinemas, 505-525 George Street
Call: Russ 02 9206 2017 Email: Website:


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Screens with: Curmudgeons, Red Flags, Where We Are Now, A Lifetime of Making Change
Wheelchair Access
Tickets are available through ACON

Phone: Russ 02 9206 2017

Classification: Over 18
Runtime: 78 mins
Year: 2015
Director: Paul Weitz
Producer: Paul Weitz, Andrew Miano, Paris Kasidokostas Latsis, Terry Dougas
Country: USA
Language: English