Bear City 3
Bear City 3

If you go down to the woods today, you're sure for a big surprise… such as glow sex parties, camping shenanigans with sex slings, and relationship dramas, just to name a few. All your favourite bears are back for another romp with Bear City 3. But this time they are swapping the city for the woods, as they head to a camping festival.

In this final instalment of the Bear City Trilogy, the financially ruined Roger is trying to turn his life around and win back Tyler, who is now shacked up with the local Fire Chief. Fred is completing his bear documentary while neglecting to prepare for the arrival of his child with his husband Brent. Meanwhile, Mama Bear Michael is trying to win over his new partner's phone-obsessed daughter, all the while fighting off an actual grizzly bear. Also featuring Kathy Najimy, everyone's favourite singing nun, and Chris Salvatore of the Eating Out films, this trip to the woods proves that while romance can sometimes be hairy, it's ultimately worth every hilarious, painful, and all-consuming moment. In this ultimate hirsute pursuit, love always wins.

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"BearCity 3 is stylish and well done, and with very good acting, which is a delight." – Provincetown Magazine

"Bears do a lot of things in the woods. Including great filmmaking." – Gay Essential

Festival Bar: Drinks in the festival bar before the screening

Filmmaker guests: director Douglas Langway, lead-producer Jay Barry Azzato, and producer Joe E Amorin

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Classification: Over 15
Runtime: 120 mins
Year: 2016
Director: Douglas Langway
Producer: Joe Amorin, Jay Azzato, Samuel Kite
Country: USA
Language: English
Cast: Gerald McCullouch, Joe Conti, Stephen Guarino, Kathy Najimy
Company Credits: Production Company: Bear City 3, LLC
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