Check It
Check It

You've never met a gang like the Check It – a wildly protective group of black LGBTIQ young people in Washington, DC who have decided to stand their ground in the dangerous gang world which exists in the capital of the United States.

Formed by a handful of young LGBTIQ kids to ward off hate-filled attacks, the Check It now has more than 200 members and for many, this is the only family they know. This documentary follows some of the feisty, loud, hilarious, and angry crew. They've had to grow up fast, and they know that sometimes to survive you need to fight back.

The film also shows the work of Ron "Mo" Moten, who helps street kids find their potential. For the Check It members we meet, that can mean taking part in a fashion camp to help put a runway show together, or even, for one, to take out some of that aggression in the boxing ring.

Fascinating and eye-opening, Check It celebrates the power of resilience, and the difference it makes when someone has your back. From their amazing sense of style to their attitude, this squad is truly the definition of fierce.

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"Check It is consistently compelling, with a brisk pace and vivid personalities…" – Variety

"Check It is a vibrant, energetic and sympathetic portrait of the gang and the heroes that work to intervene (often at the risk of failure)… Check It is a fascinating and comprehensive ethnographic portrait of inner-city youth." – The Film Stage

Screens with short film: Lucid Noon, Sunset Blush

Contains depictions of violence

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Screens with: Lucid Noon, Sunset Blush
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Classification: Over 18
Runtime: 91 mins
Year: 2016
Director: Dana Flor, Toby Oppenheimer
Producer: Wren Arthur
Country: USA
Language: English
Company Credits: Production Company: Olive Productions
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