After being incarcerated for the murder of a child as a young boy, James (Reef Ireland) is released on parole. His patchy memory of the crime leads him back to the caravan park at which it occurred, and into the lives of his mother (Kerry Fox), struggling to come to terms with her now-adult, returned son and the star witness, his childhood friend and possible partner-in-crime, Anthony (Tom Green). Anthony lives in the area and his own, dark past comes bubbling to the surface as James seeks the missing body of the child he may, or may not have murdered.

A superb Australian feature from the director of short film The Wilding, winner of the Iris Prize and Queer Perspective Award at My Queer Career 2013. Downriver is a beautifully shot and impeccably scored, gripping tale of young adult angst, told from a completely new perspective. With shades of real-life crimes such as the murder of James Bulger in 1993, the innocuous setting grows more ominous as the film goes on and when James finds answers, they are not all what he hoped to find.

Combined with a queer love triangle between James, Anthony and the holidaying Damien (Charles Grounds), Downriver takes the idea of coming of age and turns it on its head, providing well-rounded, unique characters and an adventurous plot steeped in mystery, betrayal and possible redemption.

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"Audiences expecting a flat out genre film should adjust their expectations. This is more like a queer Picnic at Hanging Rock, with the parasols and catholic repression replaced by angry hormones and messed up families." – Richard Leathem, The LowDown Under

Festival guests: Grant Scicluna and Jannine Barnes

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Classification: 18+
Runtime: 99 mins
Year: 2015
Director: Grant Scicluna
Country: Australia
Language: English
Cast: Reef Ireland, Kerry Fox, Robert Taylor
Company Credits: Australian Distributor: Rialto Distribution
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