Gay Shorts
Gay Shorts

A special, late-night collection of international boys shorts.

A highlight of this collection is the hilarious My Queer Career finalist Prasizzler Queen of the Dessert, a campy and outrageous drag comedy. Love Snaps is from the director of the much-loved The Way He Looks, and was all filmed on Snapchat. Curmudgeons is Danny DeVito's hilarious and tender love story about two grumpy men. And we'll also take you back to the 90's with a remastered version of queer classic Doors Cut Down, and one of the most celebrated films of the last year, 1992.

Doors Cut Down
Directed by Antonio Hens | 18 minutes
A new HD restoration of the classic sexy, timeless Spanish short about 16-year-old Guillermo, who's become somewhat of an expert at cruising the gay guys at his local shopping mall.

Directed by Danny DeVito | 17 minutes
A pair of senior citizens have a relationship that shocks both their families in this potty-mouthed, but endearing comedy.

Love Snaps
Directed by Daniel Ribeiro, Rafael Lessa | 14 minutes
When Rafael starts to overexpose his boyfriend on Snapchat, he must overcome his addiction to social media in order to save his relationship. Co-directed by Daniel Ribeiro, whose previous film The Way He Looks is much loved.

Directed by Moshe Rosenthal | 8 minutes
A German tourist pushes two young Israelis to reach their sexual limitations in pursuit of his impulsive quirks.

Prasizzler Queen of the Dessert
Directed by Emmett Aldred | 16 minutes
Drag queens Bae Marie and Lazy Susan plan to escape small town life for the wonderland that is Melbourne. They just have a few things to do first: pack the van, win the local talent show and hide the body.

Directed by Anthony Doncque | 25 minutes
1992. Martin is seventeen and films his daily life with his Hi8 camera. He films everything and anything, his room, the world around him. Never his father. He does not think. One day he meets Dominique. He is twenty-three and is a peon in his high school.

Screens with: 1992, Curmudgeons, Doors Cut Down, Hardcore, Love Snaps, Prasizzler Queen of the Dessert
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Runtime: 98 mins
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