Gay Shorts

Gay Shorts
Gay Shorts

A special, late-night collection of international boys shorts.

A highlight of this collection is the hilarious My Queer Career finalist Prasizzler Queen of the Dessert, a campy and outrageous drag comedy. Love Snaps is from the director of the much-loved The Way He Looks, and was all filmed on Snapchat. Curmudgeons is Danny DeVito's hilarious and tender love story about two grumpy men. And we'll also take you back to the 90's with a remastered version of queer classic Doors Cut Down, and one of the most celebrated films of the last year, 1992.

Screens with: 1992, Curmudgeons, Doors Cut Down, Hardcore, Love Snaps, Prasizzler Queen of the Dessert
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Runtime: 90 mins