Girls Lost
Girls Lost

From the director of With Every Heartbeat (Kyss Mig) (MGFF 2012) comes this visually stunning and emotionally raw Swedish urban fantasy film where three teenagers learn what it’s like to live as men. When Kim, Momo, and Bella – three friends who are bullied relentlessly at their high school – drink the sap of a flower in Bella’s greenhouse, they are given the bodies of cisgender men for the night. Exhilarated at this new change, they run through eerily beautiful Swedish forests, stumbling upon a party of boys who welcome their company. When they realise how differently they are treated as men, Momo and Bella gain a new confidence and assertiveness as women. Meanwhile, Kim falls in with a young thief named Tony, and realises he may have been a boy all along.

This film explores gender, sexuality, and the pain of growing up in a way that will touch the hearts of all who see it. The story of Kim, who feels wrong in his body until experiencing life as a man, captures with shattering honesty the confusion of young people realising their gender identity. Touching on sexism, sexual awakenings, internalised homophobia, and gender dysphoria, Girls Lost is a realistic and kind portrayal of adolescence, with just a little touch of magic.

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"How refreshing to see a body-swap situation played not for laughs but as an intimate consideration of gender fluidity that brings the hope of liberating self-knowledge, albeit still shadowed at the end here in dark ambiguity." - Hollywood Reporter

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Original Title: Pojkarna
Classification: 15+
Runtime: 103 mins
Year: 2015
Director: Alexandra-Therese Keining
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Cast: Tuva Jagell, Emrik Ohlander, Louise Nyvall, Alexander Gustavsson, Wilma Holmen, Vilgot Ostwald Vesterlund, Mandus Berg, Filip Vester, Adam Dahlgren, Josefin Nelden, Anette Naas, Olle Wirenhed
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