Hello & Goodbye Shorts

Hello & Goodbye Shorts

Sometimes a random encounter can change your life – whether on a first date, in a bar, on the street or even with, err, one of your own body parts. With films hailing from Poland, South Korea and the USA; this collection of lesbian shorts show you should be ready at any time, in any place for whatever might come your way. These shorts will have you laughing, cringing and crying, and they’ll have you eagerly awaiting that next chance encounter, beloved pet custody battle with your ex or even the apocalypse.


BobbyAnna (also screening as part of See Us, Hear Us Shorts)

Directed by Jason Kroopf | 20 mins 

A contemporary interracial love story between two young women gets interrupted when street singer Bobby loses her home.



Directed by Florencia Manovil | 16 mins 

Claudia's night out with friends is disrupted by an encounter with the captivating Isabel.


Pussy (Cipka) 

Directed by Renata Gasiorowska | 8 mins 

A young girl spends the evening alone at home. She decides to have some sweet solo pleasure session, but not everything goes according to plan.


Momo (also screening as part of the Asia Pacific Queer Film Festival Alliance Shorts)

Directed by Yun Joo Chang | 16 mins 

Sohee takes custody of Momo, the cat she shared with her ex. But her current girlfriend sees Momo as a reminder of her ex.


Post-Apocalyptic Potluck

Directed by Guinevere Turner | 11 mins 

Three friends' get together is spoiled by the end of the world.


Our Second First Date

Directed by Emi Schaufeld | 12 mins

A woman is magically forced to repeat the same date over and over again until she can make it go perfectly.


Waffles (also screening as part of What if...? Shorts)

Directed by Foster Wilson | 4 mins 

A young, gay millennial discovers she's slept with the enemy and has to choose between swallowing her pride and standing by her principles.


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Screens with: BobbyAnna, Encuentro, Momo, Our Second First Date, Post-Apocalyptic Potluck, Pussy (Cipka), Waffles
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Unclassified 15+
Runtime: 87 mins
Language: English, English, Spanish with English subtitles, Korean with English subtitles
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