Jeremy Scott: The People's Designer

Jeremy Scott: The People's Designer
Jeremy Scott: The People's Designer

Beloved fashion industry icon and go-to dresser of the pop world’s elite, fashion designer Jeremy Scott’s outlandish outfits have earned a reputation for being outrageous and witty, making him pop culture’s most irreverent designer. In this documentary, we follow Scott’s ascent from small town Missouri to his current position as the Creative Director of fashion label, Moschino. A notable favourite among celebrities – just think of his kaleidoscopic collaboration with Miley Cyrus not so long ago – Scott has become one of the most polarising figures in the contemporary fashion world.

Scott makes for a fascinating and incredibly open subject, as the audience is given unprecedented access into his life. See the glamorous highs and sometimes not-so-glamorous lows of being equally revered and reviled in the fashion biz, and get a glimpse into Scott’s worldview beyond clothing, including his inspirations, fears and opinions on pop culture. Not to mention the copious footage and interviews with many of his celebrity fans and friends, from Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus to A$AP Rocky and many more, this is the perfect film, not only for lovers of the designer, but fashion and pop culture aficionados as well.

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"The film recounts all this and more in workmanlike, worshipful manner, mainly content to let Scott strut his stuff amid a glitzy parade of celebrities and models." -  The Hollywood Reporter

"It's a vivid illustration of exactly how far the designer, who now makes his home in Beverly Hills, has come." - The Hollywood Reporter

"You're left rooting for Scott as the movie comes to a close — and, perhaps on account of his vulnerability and humility throughout, also wanting to give him a hug." - Fashionista


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Directed by Ronja Jansz

USA; No dialogue
5 minutes

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Classification: PG
Runtime: 110 mins
Year: 2015
Director: Vlad Yudin
Country: USA
Language: English
Cast: Jeremy Scott, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora, A$AP Rocky
Company Credits: Australian Distributor: Madman Films
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