Jess & James
Jess & James

The sexually charged coming-of-age film features two young, gay men who explore their desire and attraction for one another. Jess is a handsome, bohemian youth secrets to hide whilst loveable James feels trapped living with his overbearing, irritable mother. After a steamy hook-up in a drag queen’s house, Jess is ready to move on but James isn’t satisfied by their brief encounter and follows him home. Although the pair gets off to a rocky start, both set off on a spontaneous road trip to escape and reunite Jess with his estranged brother. Along their journey, they come across many strange occurrences and after an encounter with an alluring and enigmatic waiter, the two fall into a ménage à trois which only further complicates their relationship. Through it, they begin to find the meaning of freedom and happiness.

Jess & James is an intriguing film with fantastical elements and a theatrical quality at times. The cinematography is magical, attesting to the mythical landscapes of the Argentinian Pampas. All throughout and particularly on the beaches, the film evokes genuine chemistry between the actors. This is a sexy and captivating spin on the modern road trip mixed with a love story and a coming-of-age tale.

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Directed by Guy Sahaf

Israel; Hebrew with English subtitles
14 minutes

While hiking in the desert two friends, one whom has a girlfrend, struggle with their mutual attraction to one another. 




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Classification: 15+
Runtime: 92 mins
Year: 2015
Director: Santiago Giralt
Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish
Cast: Martín Karich, Nicolás Romeo, Federico Fontán
Company Credits: World Sales: The Open Reel
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