In her feature film debut, writer and director Limor Shmila’s Montana is a dark force of passion and deceit. Noa Biron’s evocative performance as Effi, a young woman returning to her hometown for the first time in over a decade, carries the film all the way to it’s disturbing conclusion.


Montana is inspired by real elements from director Limor Shmila’s own life, and is even set in her coastal hometown and shot in her former family house. The characters in Montana are not defined by their sexuality, but make no attempts to hide it. The film is raw and compelling in its account of a woman trying to move on from her past, while slowly navigating a new romance.


Trigger warning - this film features references to child abuse 


A gorgeous and moving story of self-discovery - Brief Take


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Unclassified 18+
Runtime: 79 mins
Year: 2017
Director: Limor Shmila
Producer: Tami Leon, Chilik Michaeli, Avraham Pirchi
Country: Israel
Language: Hebrew with English subtitles
Cast: Noa Biron, Avi Malka, Hai Maor, Nadav Nir
Genre: Drama
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