My Queer Career Retrospective

My Queer Career Retrospective

Queer Screen celebrates 25 years of My Queer Career, Australia’s largest and most prestigious LGBTIQ short film competition. With the support of Create NSW we will be screening 12 films from the last decade of the competition, and some favourites from decades past, including the film that kicked off the very first My Queer Career all the way back in 1994.


Session runs for 176 minutes with interval. 


Join Us as we toast the last 25 years of supporting emerging Australian LGBTIQ cinema with a post-screening celebration in Gold Class.


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Genderfuck (MQC 1994)

directed by Sveta Gilerman

In a retrospective screening of the very first film ever screened in My Queer Career, we ask the age old question... Does gender fuck or do we fuck gender? 


Two Girls and a Baby (MQC 1999)

directed by Kelli Simpson

Catherine and Liz want to have a baby. Catherine on the phone to the sperm bank but Liz is still not so sure.


Ex (MQC 2004)

directed by Julie Kalceff and Andrew Soo

Kath has just moved in and Rachel wants their first weekend to be perfect. Everything is going to plan until Kath's ex calls, destroying any ideas Rachel may have had.


Two Nights (MQC 2006)

directed by Rolmar Baldonado

Over two nights a young Chinese immigrant has two sexual enounters and is forced to choose between the one he wants and the one who wants him.

Last Ten Hours 

My Last Ten Hours With You (MQC 2008)

directed by Sophie Hyde

The final night of Mark and Jeremy's relationship, they wait it out, trying to find the way to say goodbye.


Disarm (MQC 2010)

directed by Nathan Keene

Two men meet online for a hook-up, but after an initial confrontation, they fall into conversation and have something they did not expect: a connection.

 Neon Skin

Neon Skin (MQC 2011)

directed by Grant Sciciuna

Two young men - one sighted, one blind - see the world and their bodies in different ways. Unexpectedly, they find a connection beyond the visual in the collision of taste, touch and sound. The connection is sensual, and within it they each find something new.


Drowning (MQC 2011)

directed by Craig Boreham

Things are changing for Mik. His world has been turned upside down by the sudden death of his older brother forcing him to redefine his place in his family. The one solid thing in Mik's life is his best friend Dan. But Dan has a new girlfriend...

Summer Suit 

Summer Suit (MQC 2013)

directed by Rebecca Peniston-Bird

Robbie's discovery of an old suit gives her a new identity. But can she and her suit survive the trials of summer?


Clan (MQC 2014)

directed by Lara Lavarch

As a child and young man James Saunders struggled to find his identity. He won an indigenous scholorship to a private school but found he didn't fit in there or back with his own family. He found his place in the world with the Gay Rugby Union Club.


MyMy (MQC 2015)

directed by Anna Helme 

A young man longs to connect with the world. Frustrated, he uses a cyberfeminist CD-Rom to create a cyborg twin.

Like Breathing 

Like Breathing (MQC 2015)

directed by Liz Cooper 

Max works for her father as a mechanic and she feels like she will never be able to find the courage to voice what she really wants - but then she meets Bel.




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Runtime: 176 mins
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