One Night and Two Days
One Night and Two Days

One Night and Two Days, a stunning 2012 trilogy from director Leesong Hee-il (whose 2006 feature No Regrets is widely known as the first Korean gay film) is finally premiering in Australia.

The first in the trilogy, Suddenly, Last Summer (run time approximately 40 minutes) sees a high school teacher, Kyung-Hoon, trying to battle his attraction for Sang-Woo, a smitten former student. Sang-Woo all but blackmails Kyung-Hoon into a date, and the older man tries valiantly to quell his hitherto hidden desire.

Feature-length White Night revolves around Won-gyu, an expat flight attendant who hasn't been home to Korea in years. He plans to spend an overnight trip to Seoul searching for the homophobes who attacked him, but while searching for revenge is distracted by a chance meeting with Tae-jun and the temptation of sex. The lead character's emotional journey is everything in this gorgeous film, which was inspired by a real life, random, homophobic street attack.

In Going South (45 minutes) a soldier, Ki-tae, visits a former superior, Jun-yeong, who may also be a closeted former lover. After lacing the officer's coffee with sleeping pills, Ki-tae bundles him into the car and drives them both south, to a location that hides a mutual secret.

"Mature entry into Korean queer cinema canon that sidesteps draconian tropes." – Hollywood Reporter

"Leesong Hee-il confirms his talents as a filmmaker with a trilogy consisting of two shorts and one feature-length film, telling stories of visual and aural beauty, but perhaps more importantly of emotional depth even within shorter runtimes." – Alualuna

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Classification: Over 15
Runtime: 159 mins
Year: 2012
Director: Leesong Hee-il
Producer: Il-kwon Kim
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean with English subtitles
Cast: Kim Jae-Heung, Chun Shin-Hwan, Hyun-sung Kim, Yi-Kyeong Lee, Tae-hee Won
Company Credits: World Sales: Cinema Dal
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