Out Run
Out Run

Bemz Benedito dreams of becoming the first transgender person in the Philippine Congress, representing the LGBTIQ party Ladlad.

This documentary on her journey and that of the first LGBTIQ political party in the Philippines, Ladlad is at times uplifting, heartbreaking and shocking. You may be surprised at the blatant, well-meaning discrimination faced by the representatives of Ladlad, by the extreme marginalisation of LGBTIQ, and particularly of transgender people and by the overwhelming odds against this little group of would-be politicos.

But you will also be moved by the incredible sense of camaraderie within the LGBTIQ community. The endless support and never-give-up attitude of both the party leaders and supporters will have you willing them to get around the corrupt political parties, easily swayed and bribed supporters, splits within the LGBTIQ community itself and many more setbacks.

Each and every individual that is part of Ladlad is in it for the love, for hope for the future and to represent their community with pride. Despite the differences in worlds, you will see yourself and your friends in this, and it will give you the same confidence that things will get better.

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"Out Run is both riveting and familiar." – Filmmaker Magazine

"The characters are unforgettable." – Realscreen.com

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Classification: Over 15
Runtime: 75 mins
Year: 2016
Director: S. Leo Chiang, Johnny Symons
Producer: S. Leo Chiang, Johnny Symons,
Country: Philippines, USA
Language: English, Tagalog with English subtitles
Cast: Bemz Benedito, Santy Layno, Bhuta Adelante
Company Credits: World Sales: The Film Collaborative
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