Real Boy
Real Boy

Real Boy follows Bennett as he struggles to find his place in his fractured family, makes friends who see him for who he is, and ultimately transitions to become a man. While Bennett goes through some of the hallmarks of puberty – pimples, voice breaking, and hair in new places – his personality undergoes a change as well. He is at once a quintessential teenager and a young adult struggling to find acceptance and maturity in a world where that is increasingly difficult to define.

The crux of this documentary is family. It is Bennett's journey, of course, and the friendships he makes, including other trans men who guide him on his symbolic road trip of discovery, play an important role. But, it's also a difficult, and unusual, journey for his mother as she draws together her life experiences and her new son's differing ideals. Both Bennett and his mother are raw characters, played with an honest emotional intensity; their relationship is one you'll be longing to see mended.

Through remarkably poignant songs, open conversations with his mother, and the kind of friendships forged only through shared experiences, we experience an awkward, meaningful, confusing, but liberating time with Bennett.

Winner of Jury Prize for Best Feature Film at the Iris Prize, and Audience Award winner for Best Documentary at Frameline in San Francisco.

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"The brilliant coming-of-age documentary Real Boy is raw and breathtakingly honest." – GT

"All colleges should watch Real Boy. It is very honest and very raw. It shows the struggle of both sides and it is very progressive." – The Record

"Bennett Wallace, a trans teenager facing heartaches and joys … is charming, funny and insightful throughout." – Chicago Tribune 

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Classification: Over 15
Runtime: 72 mins
Year: 2016
Director: Shaleece Haas
Producer: Shaleece Haas
Country: USA
Language: English
Cast: Bennett Wallace, Joe Stevens
Company Credits: Production Company: Independent Television Service
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