Rebels on Pointe

Rebels on Pointe
Rebels on Pointe

Meet the male ballerinas of the world famous Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo in this playful documentary full of colourful characters, lots of laughs and some seriously good dancing. Founded over 40 years ago off the back of New York's Stonewall riots, the all-male comic ballet company has an international cult following.


In this intimate film, we get a peek into their world with behind-the-scenes stories and personal insights from dancers who've faced everything from the AIDS epidemic to ageing bodies, all while wearing a tutu. Though the jokes come thick and fast on stage with their camp performances that blur gender lines, their ballet skills are no joke. As we watch them travel from North America to Europe and Japan in this feel-good doco, we witness the love they inspire in their audiences and how freeing themselves from the gendered restrictions of traditional ballet has allowed them to create something entirely new.


On days when it seems there isn’t too much to smile about, grab a glass of wine and watch Rebels on Pointe, Bobbi Jo Hart’s playful documentary about the all-male comedy dance troupe, Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo... In a movie this good natured, the heart is everything - The New York Times


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Unclassified 15+
Runtime: 90 mins
Year: 2017
Director: Bobbi Jo Hart
Producer: Bobbi Jo Hart, Robbie Hart
Country: UK, Italy, Canada, Japan, USA
Language: English
Company Credits: World Sales: SND Films
Genre: Documentary
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