Remembering the Man
Remembering the Man

In 2015 Australian audiences got to experience a piece of heartbreaking cinema – the tragic love story set against the backdrop of the AIDS crisis, Neil Armfield and Tommy Murphy’s Holding the Man.

Now, Queer Screen has the privilege and pleasure to present the true story that inspired this gorgeous film, the life of actor Timothy Conigrave and his partner John Caleo. Drawing from Conigrave’s memoirs, published just after his death, as well as interviews from friends, and family, this documentary by Nickolas Bird and Eleanor Sharpe is a no holds barred look at the grim reality of the AIDS crisis, and the pure love which was able to survive and flourish through it.

Conigrave and Caleo met at their strict catholic boys school and, despite restriction and oppression from all sides, with the help of their friends they managed to fall deeply in love. Using Conigrave’s charismatic writing to paint this picture of young love, the film portrays a love so normalised between two men, and the tragedy of the death of Conigrave and Caleo does nothing to mar this heartwarming romance.

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"★★★★ Remembering the Man is both powerful and engaging; a fitting tribute to Tim Conigrave, the author of an ur-text of the AIDS pandemic, and his husband, John Caleo." – ArtsHub

"Directors Nickolas Bird and Eleanor Sharpe have made another touching tribute, but one that sets itself apart from the versions that have become before thanks to the use of much previously unseen and unheard archival materials." -

Filmmaker guests: Nickolas Bird and Eleanor Sharpe

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Classification: M
Runtime: 83 mins
Year: 2015
Director: Nickolas Bird and Eleanor Sharpe
Country: Australia
Language: English
Awards: Most Popular Documentary Adelaide Film Festival
Company Credits: Production Company: Waterbyrd Filmz
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