Life seems idyllic though dull for this group of boarding school students in rural Austria. It’s just about summer and they are just about done with school. Sexuality is fluid and nobody cares who is attracted to the opposite sex, or the same sex. or both. The world is full of possibility. Yet at 17, things can turn from carefree to a catastrophe in an instant. Especially love.

Paula, a bright girl who cares for her withdrawn father and unruly sister, is in love with Charlotte, who might just feel the same. Or does she? And what about Tim, who certainly does love her? Or Lilli, who outright says she does?

Director Monja Art’s directorial debut is a smart and sharp coming-of-age film that epitomises the emotional rollercoaster ride that is being a teenager. It’s beautiful – and slightly unsettling.

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SubtitledWheelchair Access
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Classification: Over 15
Runtime: 104 mins
Year: 2017
Director: Monja Art
Producer: Ulrich Gehmacher
Country: Austria
Language: German with English subtitles
Cast: Elisabeth Wabitsch, Anaelle Dézsy, Alexandra Schmidt
Company Credits: World Sales: Salzgeber & Co. Medien GmbH