Suited introduces bespoke Brooklyn tailors Bindle & Keep and their clients. From a trans teenager preparing for his Bar Mitzvah to a gender non-conforming cab driver and a trans woman who specialises in workplace discrimination law, their stories unfold as their custom-made clothing is created.

The clients emerge with a suit that not only fits, but is also befitting of who they are and how they want to be in the world. The suit itself is only half of the story; we get real insight into who these people are and why the clothes matter so much. Derek gets fitted for a suit for his upcoming wedding – we're there when he and his fiancé visit his hometown in rural Pennsylvania, and later when he undergoes surgery.

The tailors have their own stories. Rae saw the gap in the market and asked for an apprenticeship with Daniel at Bindle & Keep. Daniel started tailoring after he was accidentally poisoned and gave up architecture. It helped get his life back on track, and became something of a lifeline to others.

A powerful, emotional, and very stylish documentary. Suited screened at Sundance, festivals across the US, and Canada's HotDocs.

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"As an introduction to transgender and, to a lesser extent, gender fluidity issues -- not to mention a feature-length commercial for the very personalized services of Bindle & Keep -- the film works rather well." -- Hollywood Reporter

"Slickly upbeat as it guides six contrasting clients through the measuring and fitting process, frosh helmer Benjamin's film nonetheless gleans enough pointed personal testimonies along the way to add human weight to its makeover-TV format." -- Variety

"Suited makes a valuable contribution to understanding what it means to be transgender in the U.S. in 2016." -- San Francisco Chronicle

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Classification: Over 15
Runtime: 85 mins
Year: 2016
Director: Jason Benjamin
Producer: Jason Benjamin, Lena Dunham, Jennifer Konner, Carly Hugo, Ericka Naegle, Stacey Reiss, Sara Bernstein
Country: USA
Language: English
Cast: Grace Dunham, Rae Tutera, Daniel Friedman, ?Derek Matteson, Everett Arthur, Melissa “Mel” Plaut, ?Aidan Star Jones, ?Dr. Jillian T. Weiss
Company Credits: Australian Distributor: Foxtel, the home of HBO
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