Susanne Bartsch: On Top

Susanne Bartsch: On Top
Susanne Bartsch: On Top

Picking up where Warhol left off, Susanne Bartsch: On Top tells the story behind the enduring icon of the New York alt-art party scene. Since 1981 Bartsch has been "queen of the night", throwing legendary parties the likes of which NYC hadn't seen before. Her parties were havens for club kids, offering a place ripe for an explosion of creativity, the price of admission: serving a look more outlandish than the last.


Giving some of the biggest names in drag their start Bartsch has been making her mark in fashion and art for over 30 years, and made a huge impact with her talent and creativity beyond the party scene as an AIDS activist in the 80s and 90s.


Featuring a who's who of the New York underground scene, including drag superstar RuPaul and nightlife fixture Amanda Lepore, this is a celebration of all things unique, queer and fabulous.


Join us at the festival bar for a homage to Club Kid culture curated by DJ Sveta who has played as part of Bartch's family of unruly children for the past decade. 


Delsi Cat (Mother Unicorns) and the Unicorn Club Kids are excited to be joining DJ Sveta in this momentous occasion and pay respect to their queer party predecessors. 

Delsi Cat and Unicorns have been decorating the queer world of Sydney and Melbourne with their special brand of inclusive queer soirées for 5+ years. A trip to Unicorns is like a visit back to the 90s NYC party scene, where costumes are epic, the music is quality and the entertainment is spectacular. 

Expect Club Kids ‘hosts’ in creative & outrageous costumes making you feel fabulous and music from actual Susanne Bartsch Parties that will inspire you want to walk the runway. 


It captures its subject in all her fabulousness - The Hollywood Reporter

The Susanne Bartsch legacy endures just as brightly as it began - IndieWire


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Unclassified 15+
Runtime: 84 mins
Year: 2017
Director: Anthony&Alex
Producer: Michael Beach Nichols, Christopher K. Walker, Norma Sheahan, Sarah Gilhooly, Slobodan
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Documentary
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