The Book of Gabrielle

The Book of Gabrielle
The Book of Gabrielle

Directed, written and starring Lisa Gornick, The Book of Gabrielle is an intriguing look into an artist’s disposition concerning love and sex.


Gabrielle (Gornick) has almost completed her first book – an illustrated sex guide called ‘How to Do It," when she befriends Saul Bernard, an established novelist she both admires and disdains, due mostly to her secular Jewish upbringing and his depictions of sex and romance that have inched into her own beliefs.


"I have nothing left to say. You do. That’s special," he says to her, and it’s obvious part of her believes it. But what, ultimately, does Gabrielle want to say? Whether it’s to her younger girlfriend Oliva (Anna Koval), her new mentor, or the array of past sexual partners she draws inspiration from - Gabrielle can’t seem to tear herself away from her fantasies and confront them.


The Book of Gabrielle recently received the Jury Award for Best Feature and the Audience Award for Best Feature at The Bologna Lesbian Film Festival 2017. It masterfully explores the notion of art mixed with sensuality while offering insights into romance, masculinity and desire.


Join Us! Director, writer and star Lisa Gornick joins us for a Q&A after the session.


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Unclassified 18+
Runtime: 80 mins
Year: 2017
Director: Lisa Gornick
Producer: Margaret Glover, Lisa Gornick, Naomi Gornick, Alex Thiele
Country: UK
Language: English
Cast: Allan Corduner, Lisa Gornick, Joni Kamen, Anna Koval, Ruth Lass
Genre: Drama
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