The Last Goldfish

The Last Goldfish
The Last Goldfish

Who am I and where do I belong?


From Trinidad, to Australia, to Germany, and back again, The Last Goldfish spans almost a century as it tells the story of a daughter's search for the truth about her family.


As an immigrant teenager in 1970's Australia, filmmaker Su Goldfish didn't want to be different or weird, she just wanted to blend in. As an adult, she created an alternative family for herself in Sydney's vibrant queer community. However, the sense that her father, Manfred, was keeping secrets never quite left her. Was she really, as he stated, "the last Goldfish?"


Acclaimed at the Sydney Film Festival, this autobiographical documentary traces the broken links of the past and unearths devastating family secrets, illuminating a life of multiple identities: Australian, lesbian, Jewish, immigrant.


Join Us! For a Q&A with festival guest Su Goldfish after the screening.


Goldfish is a deft nonfiction filmmaker whose sense of the intricate structure of The Last Goldfish gives the film much of its considerable attraction. Her work has echoes of American independent filmmakers Su Friedrich and Barbara Hammer, but the result is very much her own unique blend of post-Shoah diaspora identity and calypso rhythms - Jewish Week


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Unclassified 15+
Runtime: 80 mins
Year: 2017
Director: Su Goldfish
Producer: Carolyn Johnson
Country: Australia
Language: English
Company Credits: Australian Distributor: Bonsai Films
Genre: Documentary
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