The Wedding Banquet
The Wedding Banquet

Ang Lee's (Brokeback Mountain) early film The Wedding Banquet is simply a class act. Wai-Tung is loving gay life in Manhattan with partner Simon, while tolerating his Taiwanese parents' attempts to match-make from back home. When they increase the pressure, and not only sign him up to a dating agency, but manage to deliver to him the impossibly perfect wife he invents, Simon suggests a mock marriage to Wei-Wei, a struggling Chinese-born artist in need of a green card, instead.

What could possible go wrong? Well for starters, Wai-Tung's parents announce they are coming to the wedding and arrive to stay with their son, his fiancée, and, err, best friend. Things steadily and hilariously decline from there.

The Wedding Banquet is an irresistible film which can (and should) be revisited often. There's so much to love about this ground-breaking 1993 comedy-drama. If it has dated, it's only in the good way – we've progressed towards marriage equality, nobody uses the word ‘yuppie' anymore, and mobile phone technology has really, really advanced!

A runaway success when it was released and a popular pick every time it has screened since, The Wedding Banquet continues to delight.

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"It is the unusual film comedy in which the humor springs as much from character as from situation." – New York Times

"Never patronising his characters, Ang Lee combines comedy, both subtle and raucous, with acute social asides." – Time Out

"This tale of a marriage of convenience charms and amuses with strong comedic performances with a great script and some beautifully shot sequences." – Empire Magazine


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Classification: Over 15
Runtime: 106 mins
Year: 1993
Director: Ang Lee
Producer: Ted Hope, Ang Lee, James Schamus
Country: Taiwan, USA
Language: Mandarin with English subtitles, English
Cast: Winston Chao, May Chin, Ya-Lei Kuei
Company Credits: World Sales: Central Motion Picture Corporation
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