Waiting for B
Waiting for B

This documentary follows a group of Beyoncé fans who camp out for two months for her 2013 concert in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This lively film captures the community that forms out of the queue as they become friends, best mates and lovers. It showcases their loveable moments recounting the inspiration Beyoncé has had on their life, festivities in recreating their best Beyoncé dance routines and intimate conversations about their sexuality and identity. What begins to unfold is the power of music and celebrity in strengthening these already fierce individuals to make them capable of tackling everyday struggles such as homophobia, poverty and racial slurs within their gay community.

The film is reminiscent of the pop cultural sensation documentary, Paris is Burning, as it shines a candid light on a subculture of starstruck lovers. Their diva-like antics, fashion runway walks and a Beyoncé sing-a-long will ensure the lighthearted ambiance continues to the very end of the film. A heartwarming crowd-pleaser that shows a disparate community of fans coming together and quoting fan-favourite one liners like "all the single ladies" or crying heartbroken tears when they have to disband after the concert.

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"Waiting for B is a compelling portrait of an entire (fan) culture, where pop is political and a twerk is a protesting stinky finger pointed at society's narrow standards." - CPH:DOX

Festival Bar (6pm to late): A Beyonce night to celebrate the screening of Waiting for B. After the film join us for a special Beyonce surprise performance brought to you by Heaps Gay.

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Original Title: A Longa Espera
Classification: 15+
Runtime: 71 mins
Year: 2015
Director: Paulo Cesar Toledo and Abigail Spindel
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
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