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Sat Feb 15 4:00 PM

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93 Mins | 2018 | USA | English
Sat Feb 15

Sun Mar 15

The story of the start of the HIV epidemic in America is well-documented, but this heartfelt documentary brings a new, personal perspective to the experience.

Ward 5B was the forerunner for genuine human care for patients living with HIV in San Francisco. With a lack of knowledge about the virus at the time, doctors and nurses risked infection to provide this basic care. As more information became available over the years, restrictions were made on the ward and on care for AIDS patients in general that affected the entire community.

Complex villains and heroes emerge through a rich mixture of archival footage, interviews and masterful storytelling. 5B is an incredible, resonant and important story about a troubling period in history. Some of the footage and material covered is upsetting and tissues are almost mandatory, but ultimately, this doco is a powerful, moving, informative and surprisingly hopeful experience.

Sydney Premiere

Cannes Film Festival 2019 Nominee Golden Eye
Cannes Film Festival 2019 Nominee Queer Palm

"This warm celebration of those individuals who stepped in to provide care in the absence of a cure feels entirely merited" - The Hollywood Reporter

Trigger Warning: Contains footage which may be distressing to some viewers.

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