Best of Lesbian Shorts (Manuka)
Best of Lesbian Shorts (Manuka)  poster image

Best of Lesbian Shorts (Manuka)

Sat Mar 16 6:00 PM

Event Cinemas Manuka
General Admission
Unclassified 15+
100 Mins
Sat Mar 16

Here are five lesbian shorts to savour. Eva Minus Candela (see the feature prequel, Eva + Candela) shows us how hard it is to move on from the past, and proves that classic saying, “why can’t I quit you” - with chemistry like theirs, you will understand why, Grace & Betty provides the laughs as Grace gets a mighty surprise from her grandmother.

From QSFF18 Audience award favourite Marguerite, to Frameline Audience Award winner Masks,  to activists in Sweden expanding perspectives on femininity and gender through public demonstrations in Juck, these shorts are sure to please.


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