Best of MGFF19 Shorts (Mount Victoria)
Best of MGFF19 Shorts (Mount Victoria)  poster image

Best of MGFF19 Shorts (Mount Victoria)

Sat Apr 6 6:00 PM

Mount Vic Flicks
General Admission
Unclassified 15+
104 Mins
Sat Apr 6

The best of MGFF19 shorts are on tour! Screening with open captions.

Eva Minus Candela shows us how hard it is to move on from the past, and proves that classic saying, “why can’t I quit you” - with chemistry like theirs, you will understand why; Medulla Oblongata is a powerful and sassy drag queen and the alter ego of Maldivian student Abraham Naim; In Something About Alex, Alex must face what is troubling him when the only person he trusts announces they're leaving town.

When Malik decides to flee his ghetto, his big brother, with all his 'gang', are looking for him everywhere; in Two Words a father finds the courage to finally open his heart and be honest about who he is and Grace & Betty provides the laughs as Grace gets a mighty surprise from her grandmother.

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