Bring Down The Walls (On Demand)
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Bring Down The Walls (On Demand)


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Bring Down The Walls (On Demand)

Unclassified 15+
88 Mins | USA, Germany | English | Documentary Feature | 2020
An exploration of the lasting legacy of Black, Latinx and queer culture on 1980s house music and its connection to the US prison industrial complex.

A documentary focused on exploring the link between mass incarceration in the 80s and the rise of house music, but filmed in 2015, Bring Down The Walls offers an insight not seen on screen before.

Comparable in its uniqueness to Paris is Burning and When the Beat Drops, you will be entranced by the stories being showcased on screen. An enjoyable, accessible and also complex analysis of the intersection of ethnic, societal and pop cultures in the United States. And with a pumping soundtrack!

Special Mention, Cinéma du réel 2020 Best Original Music

"A bold, humanistic film asking for change in one of America's most contentious institutions. There are voices that deserve to be heard, and Collins' film gives them a platform with style." — Slacker Cinema

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