Devi: Goddess
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Devi: Goddess

Sat Feb 23 5:00 PM

Event Cinemas George St
General Admission
Unclassified 15+
13 Mins
Sat Feb 23

Tara is a fiesty teenager living with her single mother, a proud woman, who resists her daughter's fleeting outbursts of rebellion. Tara risks family and social tradition as she persues her attractions towards her housemaid, Devi. 

When they are caught together at a dinner party, Tara must suddenly define who she really is. Set in New Dehli, the film explores the reality of being a closeted lesbian in contemporary India.

Sydney Premiere 

Screening as part of APQFFA Shorts. To buy tickets click here

Event Cinemas George St

505/525 George St Sydney, NSW, 2000