Eva + Candela
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Eva + Candela

Sun Feb 17 8:00 PM
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Event Cinemas George St
General Admission
Unclassified 18+
93 Mins

Director Ruth Caudeli paints an exquisite portrait of Eva and Candela – two women driven by their desire to succeed almost as much as their desire for each other. 

Filled with raw lust and heartfelt emotion, the film follows Candela, a film director, and Eva, her star, as they fall in love and begin a life together. Over time, their relationship transforms from frenzied desire into structured routine, testing both women, their love, their careers, and their sense of self. Forced to face the test of time, the young lovers must navigate their changing emotions, which could either reunite them, or tear them apart for good. 

Love and intimacy play a central role in a film that portrays visceral lust with such clarity and realism that we get as lost in Eva and Candela’s eyes as they do in each other’s. The emotional tapestry director Ruth Caudeli weaves is heartbreaking and mesmerising, and for the lucky among us, holds a mirror up in which to recognize aspects of Eva and Candela in our own relationships, past and present. 

"[a] nuanced and passionate lesbian romance... delicately charting the evolution of attraction from sensual to intimate to routine." - IndieWire

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