Feminist Shorts

Feminist Shorts

Sat Feb 23 3:30 PM

Event Cinemas George St
General Admission
Unclassified 15+
113 Mins
Sat Feb 23

Embrace the queer sisterhood with our first ever collection of Feminist Shorts.

Late announce addition -  Seeing Margaret Jones - Margaret Jones is an 83-year-old lesbian feminist trailblazer who insists she's invisible because of her age, gender and sexuality. Her friends – including some of Australia's most influential women – see things differently. 

From a utopian community of women growing old in the mountains of California in A Great Ride, to activists in Sweden expanding perspectives on femininity and gender through public demonstrations in Juck.

In Choke, a rising MMA star hides her refugee status and sexuality, revealing herself solely on her own terms; the sensual Goddess House is a day in the life of the Queen of the Goddess House who will not rise from bed. In Suitable, Brandy, a high school tomboy, comes to terms with her sexuality when she decides what she’ll wear to the prom. 

These seven documentary and narrative short films celebrate women taking charge, owning their own sexuality, challenging gender norms, and defying expectations. 

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Event Cinemas George St

505/525 George St Sydney, NSW, 2000