Forgotten Roads (La Nave Del Olvido) (On Demand)
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Forgotten Roads (La Nave Del Olvido) (On Demand)


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Forgotten Roads (La Nave Del Olvido) (On Demand)

After her husband passes away, 70-year-old Claudina moves in with her daughter Alejandra, with whom she has a strained relationship. As she settles into a small mountain town in Chile, she develops a connection with her spirited and independent neighbour Elsa. Their spark leads Claudina into a new world of possibility, and the hint of another life through the people she meets in the hidden bar Porvenir (The Future).

As their relationship grows, and clashes with her daughter's conservatism, she finds an ally in her grandson, and in the patrons of Provenir allowing her journey of self-discovery to develop with a sense of freedom and determination.

Forgotten Roads is  a poignant coming-of-(older)-age film imbued with the magical realism of Latin America, whose tenderness is anchored by the touching performance by Rosa Ramírez Ríos as Claudina.

Australian Premiere

Winner, Festival de Cine Iberoamericano de Huelva 2020 Silver Colón for Best Director (Nicol Ruiz Benavides)

"Ríos is superb in the lead, revealing a natural sensuality that we rarely get to see in older actresses yet never allowing us to doubt the strength that lies behind it." — Eye for Film

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