HalloKween Shorts

HalloKween Shorts

Sat Feb 22 8:30 PM
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Unclassified 18+
87 Mins | Belgium | France | UK | USA | English | French with English subtitles
Prepare for chills, thrills, and kills from this spine-tingling set of shorts.

From a zombie trans woman to a gay wannabe serial killer, a lesbian monster in the closet and some seriously queer transformations are just a few of the things haunting this wonderfully weird collection of tales, drawing on the unique horrors, anxieties, and desires concerning LGBTIQ+ people.

Featuring Queer Palm 2019 nominee Jeremiah, about an Asian-American footballer who’s convinced he’s being watched as he grapples with his crush on another player, it’s joined by the humorously awkward serial killer romance of Killer Date, and a girl making a disturbing discovery during her first sexual encounter in the award-winning Switch.

Rounded out by a straight couple facing their privilege in Eat Rich, the magical infatuation of Tentatrice, a teenager tackling her monstrous fears in Something in the Closet, and a confrontation between tokenisation and jealousy – with the help of a bloody stapler – in The Office is Mine, this often hilarious yet spooky package is a must for genre fans.

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