Hot Boys Shorts

Hot Boys Shorts

Sat Feb 23 8:30 PM
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Event Cinemas George St
General Admission
Unclassified 18+
91 Mins
Sat Feb 23

Our wildly popular Hot Boys Shorts is back for another year of tantalising and sizzling shorts that is sure to get the pulse racing. Israel, Germany, Peru and the USA prove sexiness is a universal language, and boy, are these films fluent! 

Night of Love (need we say more) and Rubber Dolphin give a whole new meaning to ‘hot and heavy’ while the hilarious (and dare we say adorable) THE SHIT! An Opera is a giggle-inducing masterpiece that follows a 'Top-Only' Diva’ who will do whatever it takes to become a power bottom.

Rick is gay and deaf. And he works as an adult porn actor. The short-documentary follows a young man who is able to overcome his impediment and boundaries and Marcos confesses to Esteban in The Good Friend that his relationship with his girlfriend doesn't excite him anymore, they will both discover the limits of their friendship.

Contains sexually explicit and chemsex scenes