Kill the Monsters
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Kill the Monsters

Sat Feb 16 9:00 PM
Selling Fast

Event Cinemas George St
General Admission
Unclassified 18+
77 Mins

Kill the Monsters, from triple-threat director/writer/actor Ryan Lonergan, is a pitch-black dramedy and biting political satire. When the pretty yet aloof Frankie falls mysteriously ill with an unknown malaise, he and his older partners in a three-way relationship embark on an eventful road-trip across the US in search of holistic treatment. The dynamic trio also includes Patrick, a fast-talking and neurotic blogger, and Sutton, a hunky, hedonistic party boy.

Along the way, the trio argue, separate and reconcile, doing their utmost to promote ‘throupledom’ as the way of the future for relationships! Taken on another level, the film presents their journey as an allegory for events in US history. 

Kill the Monsters boasts awe-inspiring black and white cinematography of urban and rural landscapes and inspired use of classical music on its soundtrack. A captivating and sexy viewing experience. 

Australian Premiere 

"Fiercely well shot, edited and played... a strong calling card for actor-filmmaker Lonergan and gifted cinematographer Andrew Huebscher." - Shadows on the Wall

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