Looking For?
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Looking For?

Sat Feb 23 3:00 PM
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Event Cinemas George St
General Admission
Unclassified 18+
60 Mins

Looking For? is a serene and compassionate documentary which examines gay life in modern times. Taiwanese filmmaker Tung-Yen Chou embarks on a worldwide odyssey interviewing gay men about their experiences using phone dating apps. ‘What are you looking for?’ is a frequently asked question on these apps, and an answer often remains elusive.

Tung’s curiosity about what gay men hope to find on these digital platforms led him to interview over 60 men around the globe from varying cultures with different attitudes to homosexuality. The men share their experiences of lust and love online, and discuss their views on the nature of gay love.

For Tung, filming Looking For? becomes a four year journey of self discovery, as he opens up about past relationships and shares his hope for future romance. Don’t miss this must-see film which opened Singapore’s prestigious Love & Pride Film Festival.

Sydney Premiere

Join Us! For Q&A after the film with Tung-yen Chou (director)

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