Love, Spells and All That (On Demand)
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Love, Spells and All That (On Demand)


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Love, Spells and All That (On Demand)

A ponderous, character-driven exploration of two women reunited after 20 years. Eren returns to the quaint island of Büyükada – inhabited by stray cats, meandering hills and bygone houses – in search of a lover she hasn’t seen or heard from in two decades.

Since the discovery of their teenage romance tore them apart, the two women have led very different lives. When Eren reappears in her life, Reyhan believes that it is a spell that has brought them back together after all this time.

Determined to break this spell, the women wander around the island, seeking answers. Although separated by time, class and belief, their journey allows them to reminisce and reconnect and the distance between them slowly diminishes.

Australian Premiere

Winner, Istanbul International Film Festival 2020 Best Actress (Selen Uçer and Ece Dizdar), Best Screenplay, and Best Film
Winner, Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival 2019 Best Actress (Selen Uçer), Special Jury Prize, and Turkish Film Critics' Association Award

"Amid rising homophobia and social inequality in Turkey, this film is a timely reflection on how love unites people and society rips them apart." — Gazete Duvar

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