Making Montgomery Clift
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Making Montgomery Clift

Thu Feb 14 6:30 PM
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Event Cinemas George St
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Unclassified 15+
88 Mins
Thu Feb 14

50s movie star Montgomery Clift was devilishly handsome (we’re talking Calvin Klein model handsome), and adored by both the public and co-stars such as Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. 

A ‘confirmed bachelor’ on the Hollywood scene, he never actually hid from his sexuality, and was always forthright in his career, appearing in films including From Here to Eternity and Suddenly, Last Summer. However, since his death in 1966, the four-time Academy Award nominee has been cast by history as a tragic, closeted figure. Until now. 

In this stylish and savvy doco, his nephew Robert Clift pieces together a positive, more enlightened portrait of his uncle than any biographer has ever achieved. With access to recordings his father (Montgomery’s brother), made with the movie star, plus further interviews with those who knew him, he pieces together a more enlightened and considered look at his famous ancestor. Not only do we learn more about the actor, but also about the power of biography – and how that can (and should) be challenged.

Australian Premiere

"The Clift remembered here is a highly intelligent, mordantly funny man who successfully fought to keep his creative and sexual integrity intact." - The Wrap

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