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Milkwater (On Demand)

Unclassified 15+
101 Mins | USA | English | Narrative Feature | 2020
A rare dramedy on the dynamic between a young straight woman and the many queer people in her life. Milkwater is bolstered by a superb performance from Younger’s Molly Bernard as Milo, who finds herself in the right place at the right time to become a surrogate and donor to single drag queen, Roger.

Milo bounces in comedic chaos between her lesbian best friend and her impending young family, a gay roommate and his new love, working at a record store with three Aussie straight boys and her growing affection for Roger, all while carrying Roger’s child.

As their differences come to a head, Milo and Roger must make decisions not only about their future, but that of the child they have created together. A striking, sometimes hilarious and always engaging debut from queer director, Morgan Ingari.

Australian Premiere

Winner, Bushwick Film Festival 2020 Best Feature Narrative

"What makes this disarming serio-comedy work, however, is that while it's very much a complicated character study driven by the stealth rawness of Molly Bernard's funny-sad performance, it wraps the same empathetic embrace around pretty much everyone in the protagonist's messy orbit." — The Hollywood Reporter

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