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My Fiona (On Demand)


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My Fiona (On Demand)

Unclassified 15+
87 Mins | USA | English | Narrative Feature | 2020
How do you navigate the world when your best friend inexplicably takes her own life? For Jane, she finds herself drawn to Fiona’s wife and child, seeking solace and perhaps more in the relationship that gently unfolds.

The question of grief and tenderness and the catastrophic consequences of blending the two come to a head in Jane’s life as she attempts to pick up the pieces, heal and move on, but life isn’t so easy as to tie everything up with a bow.

With deft nuance and a fine script, the director has created a beautiful, hopeful and moving film about loss, love and everything in between.

Content Warning: Suicide themes

Australian Premiere

"Bold yet nuanced, My Fiona is a compelling drama that faces death straight in the face... Walker playfully injects moments of humour and joy into her debut, providing a sense of comic relief among the emotional turmoil." — The People's Movies