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Sat Sep 21 8:45 PM
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General Admission
128 Mins | 1995 | USA | English
It’s time to put on your finest “Versayce”, do your nails and tease your hair as we celebrate camp classic Showgirls! 

Come with us to the Stardust Hotel and relive all the horrific dialogue, scream at the hilariously bad sex scenes, and bow down to the shambolic performance by Elizabeth Berkley in this infamous tale of a Las Vegas dancer’s erotic rise to fame in a spectacular 4K restoration.

BYO Doggie Chow.

Razzie Awards Worst Picture of the Decade "Winner" of 7 Razzies in 1996.
Razzie Awards Nominee Worst 'Drama' of Our First 25 Years

But first up, catch the surprisingly thoughtful, and very, very funny, doco You Don’t Nomi at 6:30pm, which canvasses everyone from film boffins and critics to drag and cabaret performers to give their two cents on this spectacular failure of a movie.

Single and double feature tickets available.