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Straight Up

Thu Feb 20 8:30 PM
Sold Out

Dendy Cinemas
General Admission
Unclassified 15+
95 Mins | 2019 | USA | English
Thu Feb 20

“If I didn’t have to worry about things going in and out of my holes, life would be much easier.” 

So bemoans Todd (James Sweeney), who in his over-thinking way, decides that even though circumstances may say otherwise (he loves Legally Blonde, cashmere sweaters, and he once sucked his friend’s…well, you get the gist ) he’s totally, definitely not gay. Much to the chagrin of his therapist, Todd has an epiphany – the answer to his loneliness is to be… straight! What could possibly go wrong?

Enter Rory (Katie Findlay), a wannabe actress who can return Todd’s banter better than anyone. Oh, and she also loves doco night. But is that enough to build a relationship? Especially when no one wants to talk about S-E-X? Could she be the Doris Day to his… um… Rock Hudson?

This super-witty and urbane comedy is very much of our times. Bitingly funny, and full of pop culture references, it’s all about setting up camp within your own boundaries.

Australian Premiere

"Set among a young and witty Los Angeles crowd, James Sweeney’s feature debut promises razor-sharp one-liners and refreshingly frank discussions about 21st century sex and dating rituals " - IndieWire

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