Taiwan Equals Love (On Demand)
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Taiwan Equals Love (On Demand)


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Taiwan Equals Love (On Demand)

​​A celebration and examination of Taiwan in the years surrounding their legalisation of same-sex marriage. This documentary follows three gay couples, weaving their stories into a wider discussion on the marriage equality debate and what it  meant for the country and the individuals to move forward.

Refreshingly, the couples are not picture-perfect gay stereotypes, but have unique and sometimes flawed dynamics and dramas within their relationships and lives. The film covers three years from 2016 in the lives of these couples and the country.

For Jovi and Mindy, marriage means they can become a family with their daughter Aliy. For Hsiang and Tien-Ming, marriage equality eases fears about Hsiang’s health and issues with Taiwan’s inheritance laws. And for young Shinchi and Gu, who is from Macau, it highlights a continued discrepancy when dealing with LGBTIQ+ immigrants.​​

Australian Premiere

"Yen delivers equal parts emotional pathos and accessible, nuanced information on the evolution of Taiwan’s LGBTQ+ rights movement." — Cinema Escapist

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