Tell It To the Bees
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Tell It To the Bees

Fri Feb 21 6:30 PM

Hayden Orpheum
General Admission
106 Mins | 2018 | UK | English
Fri Feb 21

Sat Feb 22

Based on the beloved lesbian novel Tell It To the Bees will have audiences swooning to the unfolding love story between the enigmatic Dr. Jean Markham (Anna Paquin) and the beautiful Lydia Weekes (Holliday Grainger).

In the UK in the 1950s, Dr. Jean has returned to her hometown to begin a practice of her own. But the townspeople have long memories, and whispers of improper acts as a schoolgirl follow her. Lydia is a young wife with a young son, Charlie, trying to make ends meet as her soldier husband fights his own demons with alcohol and a traumatic past. When he walks out on her, she is left with nowhere to go, until Jean kindly takes Lydia and Charlie into her own home.

As the whispers surrounding Jean’s past get louder, Lydia finds herself drawn to her in a way she never expected, and the two embark on a passionate affair that starts a series of events which neither of them can stop.

This sweeping period drama has an intoxicating mix of romance and magical realism, and is an engrossing story about love and sacrifice.

Pink Apple 2019 Winner Best Feature Film
Kingston Reelout Film Festival 2019 Nominee Outstanding Lead Performance

"At first glance, Annabel Jankel’s film ... could be written off as any other period romance, but the two leads, Holliday Grainger and Anna Paquin share chemistry and understanding that the film becomes a precious moment in time" - Vulture Hound

Scene of attempted sexual violence

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