The Ground Beneath My Feet
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The Ground Beneath My Feet

Sat Feb 22 8:30 PM

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General Admission
Unclassified 18+
108 Mins | 2019 | Austria | German with English subtitles
Sat Feb 22

Lola, portrayed with impeccable iciness by the exceptional Valerie Pachner, is torn between two German cities. 

Rostock for high pressure consultancy work and an illicit, hotel-room-bound affair with her boss, Elise. And Munich, as guardian for her unstable and suicidal older sister, Conny.

When Conny makes another suicide attempt and is hospitalised, Lola throws herself even further into her work, to the point where she begins to question even her own sanity thanks to a series of mysterious, distressing calls from Conny that may not be as they appear.

Combined with the pressure of sleeping with her boss, aggressively climbing the corporate ladder and making the decision to care for her sister in-house, Lola is on a one-way track to oblivion, and even she isn’t sure she’ll make it out the other side. The stark environs and nuanced performance from Pachner serve up a tense, careful and provocative film.

L.A. Outfest 2019 Winner Grand Jury Award Outstanding International Narrative Feature
Berlin International Film Festival 2019 Nominee Golden Berlin Bear    
Berlin International Film Festival 2019 Nominee Teddy Award

"The Ground Beneath My Feet consistently serves as a powerful showcase for the talented Pachner, who manages a performance that is both distant and achingly vulnerable - San Francisco Chronicle

Trigger Warning: Suicide themes